The Note: Fire peers out from Trump-Russia smoke

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The Note: Fire peers out from Trump-Russia smoke


Donald Trump Jr. admits a meeting with a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Trump Jr. said his father knew nothing and that there was nothing left, although Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort are also present at the meeting.

Post-Action Reports: Russia and Trump agree that the big Trump Putin meeting has been successful. Where the two countries do not agree, it seems: if Trump accepts Putin denials that Russia has mixed the 2016 elections.

“It’s time to move on,” Trump said after his meeting with Putin, announcing that he and the Russian leader discussed the creation of an “impenetrable computer security unit.” Then, in the middle of an investment, an investment:

“The fact that President Putin and I have spoken of a cyber security unit does not mean that I believe it can happen. It is not possible … but a can of ceasefire and done!”
Again, this is what President Trump and his best helpers and family members are about to Russia avoiding things, much more than what Russia did to them.

On the other side of the White House: Another undisclosed contact with a Russian operator, plus another series of misleading statements about the meeting.

(Just what was now allowed – Donald Trump Jr. met a Russian source waiting to receive damaging information about the Clinton campaign – is excellent.)

As for the president to establish: the contradictions of his meeting last week with Russian President Vladimir Poutine on the question of whether the sanctions were discussed, how difficult and for what purpose was chosen by the election, presidential interference and a strange situation With a paper on cyber security the President himself has proposed and withdraws on the same calendar day.

The Wizards of the White House want to divide Russia, put the past behind them. But many times, this is not just history. Continue the actions of the president, his children and the members of his inner circle to confuse and complicate. This is when unexplained things happen that more people intend to seek explanation.

HUTLE 15 days to get HEALTH FACT

It is true that nothing motivates legislators as a deadline. But passing Obamacare repeal before the August resumption is a vertiginous and rigid challenge and, with the current Republican bill increasingly unpopular, is also politically dangerous.

As of today, Republicans have only 15 days of work available before the scheduled August vacation, and health care is not the only legislative item on their plate. Before the fiscal year ending September 30, Congress will try to discuss and adopt a resolution on the 2018 budget and to raise the national debt ceiling to avoid a credit default.

The Republicans’ public stance is to continue part of a law that completely repeals and replaces, but town councils, sit-ins and demonstrations last week did not help bill prospects. The “yes” vote Mitch McConnell’s majority leader seem to drop every few days.

Another Senate Republican – John John Hoeven, world-renowned RND – testified against the project during recess. Existing do not qualify as Susan Collins and Jerry Moran were encouraged by their opposition.

Even McConnell acknowledged the possibility that B’s work plan with Democrats in a smaller insurer legislation would reassure and strengthen existing Obamacare markets. Meanwhile, the opposition is still on the march.

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