NJ Transit commuting nightmare starts today, and we’re out there with you

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NJ Transit commuting nightmare starts today, and we’re out there with you

The beginning prophesied a potential nightmare scenario for seven weeks for travelers. NJ Transit began with a moan Monday, though it still awaits hell.

At best pilots will ride in their New York office about 20 minutes late and have a little less patience for this collaboreur program in the morning. Maybe for this– &% $ # *!

At worst, you will be like a 400-pound man trying to get into tight jeans with a waist size of 28 on a damp summer day in the Northeast: sweaty, slow-moving and with a spot anywhere else.
44 days of “confinement walking” We called NJ transit travelers Monday when some trains were diverted to Hoboken for track work at Penn Station in New York.

NJ Transit warned railroad corridors for months on the “summer of hell” road while workers repairing the tracks of Penn Station NY, closing a quarter of the station.

About 16 000 people will be headed to Hoboken with the summer quarter waiting until 1 September.

Today is the first day of hell in transit, then NJ Media Advance has sent the press to ride the rails with you to assess general discontent. Let us know and we continue with the hashtag #njcommute.

08:35 am Pro Tip: Remember to pay attention to ads stifled by drivers.
“It was empty from the start, but it’s more time and headache, and going home will not be easy,” he said. “So far, it works fine. It may be not the case later in the week.”

8:20 am There is a normal description of NJ Transit switches, especially on the first day of the ‘Summer of Hell: Perfect’ calendar.

“It was light this morning,” said Leslie Sondy, Garfield, the journalist Cindy Capitan. “I took the PATH WTC train and I hoped it was worse than coming back”

08:15. Things are going well, but not always.

“There will be times when it will be more crowded on the platforms,” ​​said Charles Ingoglia, NJ Transit spokesman, journalist Cindy Capitani. “This could be a half-hour delay for some people, others may take longer.”

Ingoglia advice for pilots: it has a plan.

Did not plan Find someone with a yellow vest to avoid wandering through the seasons.

8 hours. South Orange Pilots took advantage of the “free.99” bus, which overlooks Hoboken, leaving travelers to New York. It is not an empty seat, according to journalist David DelGrande.

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