Mumbai: The nightmare called local trains

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Mumbai: The nightmare called local trains

MUMBAI: After a 22-year-old Mulund woman, she took Facebook to describe how she was abused, reported and threatened with rape by a man on a Borivli-Dadar May train and poly-apathy who had her emergency appeal on The railroad helpline, many others have come forward to share similar tales of torment in the commuter rail network of Mumbai.

The woman, who did her postgraduate degree in sociology in Bangalore has particularly focused a finger on the police who took the call.

She states that upon hearing her complaint, the police officer laughed for the first time in the head and then hung up the phone, which continues to demonstrate the insensitive way the police treats the safety and protection of women traveling on trains .

She could have given value to many others to open up against her executioners. It was as if a prey had burst, while several women recounted their ordeal.
One response was: “I have the urge to hit the man.

I know, I faced a lot of abuse. At first, I did nothing to behave like an escape. Then I started screaming. But it does not work much … Then he started to deal with me in my own way. Anyone who tries to touch me, I make a point that I had hurt him, pinching with pincers, compass, beat and beat. ”

Another wrote: “Something similar happened to me there are about 6-7 months, but do not have the courage to publish it or share it with another person.

I hope you are well.”
Jagriti, Viji Jayachandran and Neha Singh (from left to right)
Some female passengers Mumbai Mirror spoke to reinforce reality – harassment to be part of the daily commutes on the premises.

Neha Singh, 24, who travel to Vasai Churchgate every day, said: “I have met people who make indecent gestures and lascivious comments were endorsed by moving trains. Sometimes they even try to make greetings on women walking in The platform.Push comments and sing obscene songs. ”
Jagriti, a 24-year-old resident of Lower Parel also frequent Churchgate every day, added: “Even in a city like Mumbai, I tend to adapt the fear of not attracting some perverted attention.”

He asked about the reasons why women have been shown to be forced to file formal complaints, Viji Jayachandran, 45, a Kalyan accountant, said: “First, they are not sure whether the police will act or not.

Second, if an action is actually taken if the person detained outside the prison, that person could harass her. Third, there is generally less confidence in women to visit a police station. ”

Train response
The Western Railway, which ordered an investigation into the incident after the publication was dismissed, said that at 14:21 on May 24 Sayed Izhaar to help line No.

182 received the call from the woman and it is transmitted to the stations of Malad and Andheri, where the train was attended by the conservative Richpal Yadav and Ramesh Chand, respectively. He said that the recording of this call was verified and states that no member of the RPF has laughed at the plaintiff.

Depending on the position of the FB July 6 woman, who was in the woman’s compartment next to the coach, was for people with physical difficulties, when the man has abused the girl sitting next to and then this one.

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