Income Tax department attaches 12 plots of Misa Bharti, Tejashwi Yadav and others

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Income Tax department attaches 12 plots of Misa Bharti, Tejashwi Yadav and others

The Ministry of Income Tax added in 12 plots of members of the RJD chief’s family, Lalu Yadav, whose daughter Misa Bharti, her husband, sister Shailesh Ragini and Chanda, Bihar Deputy Minister and Yadav Tejashwi the former head of government, Rabri Devi . I-T file charges under the Law against daughter Benami wife transaction Rabri Devi Lalu Prasad of Misa Bharti and MP Bihar CM Tejashwi Yadav. The Ministry also provides a seizure notice under a strict deed of property value of more than Rs 9 million rupees against the family of Lalu Prasad.

This comes a day after the IT department has temporarily annexed some real estate as part of the survey in agreements of Rs 1 billion rupees Benami cases and tax evasion involving members of the family of Lalu Prasad.

According to IT administrators, two goods, a house and land in Delhi have been anchored after the Ministry issued an interim order under the Act of 1988, relating to the Benami transaction, which entered into force on 1 Of November of the last year.

They stated that the goods are in the possession of Benami and that measures were taken after the department has raided this case last month. The value of the attached properties could not be determined immediately.
Benami properties are those in which the actual beneficiary is not the one in whose name the property was purchased. Bharti and her husband ignored the I-T citation in the past.

The boss RJD, however, tried to make a good face after the attacks, saying he was “not afraid at all” and would continue to fight against the “fascist forces.” “BJP mein nahi hai ki ki Lalu Himmat awaz ko bien … Daba Lalu ki Desh awaz dabayenge me BHAR karoron Lalu Khare Jayenge ho … gidarbhabhki main si fillet wala nahi hoon (BJP lacks the courage to suppress my voice .. “If it comes to calming a Lalu, Lalu million rupees will come in. I’m not afraid of empty threats),” he said in a series of tweets after the search operation.

Here are the details of the attached property:
1. non-agricultural: 26, Palam Farms Bijvasan Delhi.
Benamidars: Mishail Packers and Printers Pvt. Ltd.
Beneficiary: Bharti Mass and Shailesh Kumar
Book Value: Rs 1.4 cr.
The market value: Rs 40 cr.
2. 1088, New Friends Colony
Benamidars: AB Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Beneficiary: Tejasvī Yadav, Chanda and Ragini Yadav
Rs book value 5 cr.
The market value: Rs 40 cr.
3. Nine plots Jalapur, PS Danapur, Patna
Benamidars: Delight Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Beneficiary: Rabri Devi, Tejasvi Yadav
Book Value: Rs 1.9 cr.
The market value: Rs 65 cr.
4. Three Jalapur plots, PS Danapur, Patna
Benamidars AK Infosystems
Beneficiary: Rabri Devi, Tejasvi Yadav
Book Value: Rs 1.6 cr.
The market value: Rs 20 cr.

Earlier, in this case, a public accountant, Rajesh Kumar Agrawal allegedly linked to Bharti and others, was also arrested by the Execution Directorate (DE) May 22

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